Testing Your PSP

Use this guide to help you with testing

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Testing is an important part of setting up your PSP connections. It will verify that your setup is working and that you are receiving the notifications correctly.

Before connecting, you need to have an agreement and credentials for every PSP you wish to connect to your BridgerPay Checkout.

Once a PSP is connected, you will see the option to add credentials via the (+) button in the admin.

Each PSP will be different (you can find more details here), however you will have two sets of credentials:

  • Production credentials

  • Testing credentials

You can enter them both in your Bridger Admin and switch between them any time you need to test.

If you have trouble locating your credentials, reach out to the PSP directly, as we cannot retrieve them for you.

Along with connecting the testing credentials you will also need to use a testing API URL. You can find the alternative URLs in each PSP’s page in the connections articles.

Once the details have been entered correctly you can test via the Virtual Terminal:

  1. Go to the Side Bar on the left of the page and choose Virtual Terminal

  2. Create a transaction with the PSP of your choice

  3. Check that the transaction has been successfully processed in the Transactions page

    (Bear in mind some PSPs will require test API credentials as well as the URL change, which you can find in the PSP admin)

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