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The purpose of this article is to help you establish a connection between BridgerPay and your partnered Payment Service Provider. The first step involves locating the credentials outlined below in the PSP’s portal. Next, you simply need to enter these credentials in their respective fields found in the PSP’s configuration tab within the BridgerPay dashboard. Once this process is complete, a connection will be established in order to start processing transactions.

The Credentials you'll need:

  • API Key

  • Secret Key

  • Profile ID


Back-office Login URL:

Steps to find your credentials:

  1. Open the following website

    1. To get API Key and Secret key:

      1. On the left-hand side panel click on "Settings" and then on "Integrations".

      2. Now click on "New API Key" and follow the steps, choosing Read Write in Permissions, to create a new set of API Key and Secret Key.

    2. To get Profile ID:

      1. On the left-hand side panel click on "Profile"

      2. Create a new profile or click your profile name if already exists. From here, you can view and copy your Profile ID.

If you need more payment providers for your business, use our connections search engine to find and contact them.

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