Adding Team Members

Your guide on how to send invites to your team members with specific roles from your Admin Panel

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The Members section of the dashboard provides you with the necessary tools to manage your team effectively. Within this section, you can invite team members via email and assign specific roles to grant them access to designated sections of the dashboard.
โ€‹To add a team member:

  1. Click on the Menu button or three lines from the top right of your Admin Panel

2. Select Members from the menu and click on the plus sign (+)

3. From the pop-up, you can add the email address and select the desired role.

You may choose to add more or simply finish off by clicking Send Invite.

4. An invite will be sent to the email address added and will need to be accepted by

your team member(s)

Role selections: Accountant, Sales, *Administrator

*Only the Merchant Owner will have the option to add the Administrator role

From the same page, you will see the list of team members that has access to your Admin Panel and the roles they were assigned. A Remove button is also available for you to revoke a member's access respectively.

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