The Credentials you'll need:





GrantType = password

Redirect URL options:


Testing URL:

Production URL:

Back-office Login URL:

Steps to find your credentials:

  1. Log in to the website

  2. On your left-hand side click on the option Configuration, and then Applications

  3. Open Configuration and click on Applications

  4. Click on New Application

  5. Set Application Name

  6. Set Return URLs

    1. On Payment Success:

    2. On Payment Failure:

    3. On Payment Pending:

  7. On the newly created application Click Configure Notifications

  8. Set Notifications URL:

  9. Set Failing notifications alert e-mail

  10. Click Update Notification Settings

  11. Now you can view your Client Id and Client Secret

  12. You can locate your Username and Password on the Customers tab under Credentials

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