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The Credentials you'll need:

API key = Secret Key

Back-office Login URL:

Steps to find your credentials:

  1. Login to the website

  2. On the left hand-side click on the option E-commerce & API

  3. Find the square box Keys sets

  4. Click on the pencils next to Live keys to retrieve your Secret Key (API Key)

  5. Static callbacks should be set with the "Create Webhook" or "Update Webhook" API requests

    1. Under "E-commerce & API" go to Webhooks and select +Add

    2. Set up the following callback URL:

    3. Select these types of notifications to be sent:

      1. order.payment_success

      2. order.payment_failure

      3. order.hold

      4. order.canceled

      5. order.rejected

      6. order.expired


To assist you with API integration Decta Gate offers a test mode. To switch between test and live modes you can connect the different API credentials that can be found in your Decta Gate profile.

If you need more payment providers for your business, use our connections search engine to find and contact them.

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