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Customize your checkout.

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Navigate to the Checkouts page from the left-side menu. For each checkout, you will see an Activation Key. This needs to be activated for your checkout to work, both if you are using a plugin or our Web SDK.

From the Checkout page you will be able to set up the base currency that will be used for currency conversions when needed. You can also adjust the minimum, maximum, and default amounts for deposits.

It will also enable you to set different values according to the payment method type (Credit Card - APM - Crypto).

Remember, your CRM has a data-amount-lock/amount_lock parameter: make sure it is set to false otherwise the change won't take effect. If a change is not accepted, check with the corresponding PSP, since some of them have their own limitations that we cannot adjust.

According to your plan, you will have the possibility to create multiple checkouts. You can set each differently according to your needs.

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