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Choose the perfect PSP routes!

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You can navigate to your Router page from the left-side menu. In your Router you can create custom payment flows for each country or region, and set up rules to further automate your payment logic.

Bridger Retry™ will only work for Credit Card processors, and the order in which you put the is the fallback order to the retry. APM payments cannot be retried.

To create a route you need to:

  1. Press the (+) next to Payment Routes.

  2. You will then be prompted to select one or more countries for the route. Choose whether you want a single country route or multiple countries on the same route - don't forget to name your route to make it easy for you to distinguish which one it is!

  3. From there you will be able to add any PSP you have connected. Once the PSPs have been added you can arrange their order by dragging and dropping. This will be the order in which a declined transaction is retried for your Credit Card processors.

You also can enable and disable PSPs on the Router page by clicking on the toggle button below each PSP. Once you click Create the route will be applied and you can edit it at any time.

If the country your client is depositing from does not exist in a specific route, the transaction will default to the Worldwide route.

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