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Bridger Retry™ is our patented technology that saves declined card payments in real-time. It works by submitting card transactions declined for technical reasons to fallback processors.

For it to work, you will need to have more than one card processor connected to your cashier.

You choose the PSPs and set their order, and you can do it both in the Global and Local Routes. Once your client will attempt a transaction, if the first PSP declines it for any technical reason (e.g., currency not supported, card not supported) the transaction will go through the next ones in line until it will either get approved or reach the end of the fallback sequence.

Your clients will not be asked to fill in the credentials over and over again, but simply to insert the OTP from their bank or card, if required.

To set up your Retry order:

  1. Add at least two card processors to your route

  2. Drag and drop to choose the order

You can check which transactions have been retried in the Transactions screen

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