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BridgerPay offers the Payouts feature to all the Enterprise merchants.

Through this option, it is possible to make payouts that are completely independent of the existing transactions (which is what makes them different from refunds).

Payouts can be done to any country regardless of the routes that have been previously created, with any currency available on the PSP, and by choosing different payment methods: Credit Card, Bank Account, EWallet, and Crypto.

Once the client’s credentials are input and the payment is executed, the transaction will be visible on the Payouts page (left-hand side menu).

  1. Login to your Bridger Admin

  2. On the left-hand side, click on the 3 lines to open the menu and then click on Payouts

  3. Click on the (+) button on the top-left of the page

  4. Chose the Country and Currency

  5. In the Payment Method Type choose either Credit Card - Bank Account - EWallet - Crypto

    NOTE: Make sure that the PSP you want to use allows Payouts, and that the option is enabled when you connect it to BridgerPay.

  6. Insert Amount and Order ID

    NOTE: Order ID is useful to have to locate the transaction on the Payouts page

  7. A new section will appear to input the client’s details

  8. Click on Make Payout

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