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Create your Static Payment Options
Create your Static Payment Options
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If you wish to give your customers the option to pay you directly in your bank account (e.g., using an IBAN code), eWallet, crypto wallet, or even an external payment link (i.e., a URL that takes customers to a stand-alone web page) you can enable the Static Payment Option and a link will be generated in the Checkout to display those payment coordinates.

  1. Login to your Bridger Admin

  2. On the left-hand side click on the 3 lines and then click on Router

  3. Click on either the Worldwide route or any other Route, according to your needs

  4. A new window will appear

  5. The option Add Static Payment Option will be visible. Click on the (+) button next to it window on the right-hand side will appear

  6. Choose either External Link, Bank Wire Details, Crypto Wallets

  7. Fill in the fields and click on Create on the top right-corner

Below you can see an example of how this option will show on your cashier.

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